Template Optimizer is the #1 eBay template software available and is utilized exclusively by Adam Ginsberg International Clients.

Created by Adam Ginsberg specifically for his eBay business initially in 2002, this software has been seen more then 10 updates over the last 12 years with more than $2,500.000 invested in research, development, proprietary technology and intellectual property.
Template Optimizer, is designed to do two things: 1. To maximaze the final selling price of the item 2. To increase the precentage of listings that sell Achieving these two important elements results in increasead sales and profits for Template Optimizer users.

There are two versions of Template Optimizer - Basic and Supreme. While the basic functionality is the same... if you know how to use Template Optimizer "Basic" you know how to use "Supreme", the features vary widely between the two versions. In fact, statistics show that Template Optimizer Supreme users have an average salling (the final value of the item sold on eBay) of more then double then that of a "Basic" user. As well, profits are more than 8 times greater with "Supreme" version od this amazing software

Template Optimizer enables eBay sellers to create professional eBay listings that sell. Our users create these listings using a variety of widgets found in Template Optimizer. It is the core functionality of these widgets that determines what can or can't be included in a Template Optimizer eBay listing.

  • Up to 12 images per listing
  • 20 Templates
  • Image Slide Show Widget

Price: 49.95/mo

  • UNLIMITED Presets
  • 150 + Professionaly Designed Templates
  • Quick Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst Share
  • Auto Amazon drop-shipping with 14 million products
  • Video Search Widget
  • Mobile Gallery Widget
  • QR Code widget
  • Feedback Widget
  • Cross Promotion Widget
  • List Building Widget


For more information visit: ADAMGINSBERGLIVE.COM

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